Wondered If You'd Be Here (2021)
A short film about the versions of ourselves that we leave behind. Shot on location in North Yorkshire.
Rachel Nicholson
Nicole Eastwood
Mary Towson
Callum Dootson
Matthew Lidbury
A film by Meg Terzza
Director of Photography - Joe Preston
Production Manager - Olivia Egmore
Edited by Meg Terzza and Joe Preston
Colourist - Joe Preston
Assistant Director - Will Nimick
Gaffer - Nathan Ellerton
Clapper Loader - Alex Haslam
Sound Recordist - Joshua Norris
Script Supervisor - Jess Rutherford
Script Editor - David McCabe
Production Coordinator - Katie Allen
Costume - Laura Salmon
Jewellery - Elizabeth Terzza
Score - Alex Dallas
Original Song - Aimeè Larissa

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